plural -s

  1. the act of murmuring :  the utterance of low continuous sounds or complaining noises <the murmuration of the crowds — A. E. Richardson> <ceaseless, inarticulate murmurationof prayer — Frederic Prokosch>

  2. of starlings :  flock <in the stackyard there was a great murmuration of starlings — Mary Webb>

For me, murmurations have always been a source of wonder. Starlings looping through the sky, occasionally breaking away from the main group before rejoining in perfect synchronicity. The spectacle of watching beauty emerge from the initial chaos as the flock sways like the waves on the sea, ebbing and flowing across a darkening sky.

Murmuring is also a feature of my life. Living with high-frequency hearing loss renders the world low frequency and often humming in the background, where noises merge together and voices join even when separate.

I’m Sinéad. A mother, wife, daughter, friend, communicator. Trying to harness the different strands of my own life to find inspiration for my own murmuration. Or seeking to join my voice to those movements that seek to change the flow of the world.
Photo credit: The wonderful Flickr-based photographer, Mike Norton.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sinead,
    I came for the Repeal the 8th letter that my friend Deb shared on FB, but I stayed because when I noticed your blogroll it turned out that I know every single one of those people (okay, but one, maybe) either in real life or online (or both). Even one that lives in my town and the ones who hardly ever blog. Do we know each other? I admit I’ve looked on FB and we only have one mutual friend (Carmel H., who knows everyone in Ireland) and don’t seem to be in any groups in common. Anyway, if there’s a connection I’m missing, I’d love to find out. – Christine


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