On a big day, a new chapter starts

Today was my big day. My day of adieu, au revoir, see you soon and slán go fóil. 

I departed my company of eight years with heavy boxes, a sad heart and what seemed like a veritable botanic gardens of flowers. 

If you could measure kind thoughts in cupcakes, videos and petals, I’m feeling the love!

Today was also the day I realised that the long months waiting to close this chapter of my life had finally reached an end, moving my focus from daily life to packing and preparing, and that our family was closer to being united again. 

So much of the preparation for expat life as a family seems to involve separation, snatched WhatsApp video calls and a bizarre sense of two parallel universes waiting to combine.

I believe in balance; goodbyes have a counterpart in hello.

Simon, my husband of nearly 10 years who is patiently awaiting our arrival in Qatar, added to the floral collection but his note was not one of goodbye and good luck, but of welcome and hope:

On a big day, a new chapter starts.

Welcome to my new chapter as Simon says. This blog will be my book along the way.

6 thoughts on “On a big day, a new chapter starts”

  1. I am looking forward to reading your time as an expat – not so much about the culture you have joined – but the culture you left behind…

    I find it harder as the years go by, being far from my parents, but I don’t miss the old culture (nothing wrong with it – just I don’t miss it)

    My coping mechanism was ‘pillow money’… I always had enough for an emergency flight back home in cash under my pillow… I had it for almost 6 years… looking back now – I should have spent the money and gone home just ‘one-more-time’…

    good luck to you all in the new future


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